Important Personalities

Nanak Singh

Nanak Singh, born in September 1897 was a Punjabi Novelist born to Lachhmi Devi and Bahadur Chandra in village Chak Hameed, District Jehlum, Pakistan. His earlier name was Hans Raj. He was a whole time writer, and a Publisher. He was baptized and initiated to Sikhism under the influence of Giani Bagh Singh, the Head Granthi of Peshawar Gurdwara. His name was changed to Nanak Singh. He participated in Gurdwara Reform movement and even went to jail. He read Munshi Prem Chand's novels in the jail and found the purpose of his life. He started writing novels to highlight the social evils prevalent in the society. His ideal characters would strive to change the society with their noble efforts. The impact of his characters on the readers is enormous.




Asif Nawaz Janjua

General Asif Nawaz Janjua was born on 3 January 1937 in Jhelum, Punjab. He was selected for Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and got commission on March 31, 1957. He was a four star rank army general in the Pakistan Army who served as the fourth Chief of Army Staff from 1991 to 1993. His tenure is regarded of stabilizing the civilian control of the Pakistani military.





Syed Zamir Jafri

Syed Zamir Jafri born in January 1916 was a Pakistani poet, writer, social critic, comedian, columnist, broadcaster and telecaster. He was best-known for his work amazing contribution in Urdu poetry. Jafri has had great influence on Urdu poetry, and has focused on themes of peace and love for mankind. He had published 78 books of poetry and prose, written in Urdu, Punjabi, and English. After graduation he started as a journalist in Lahore but joined the Indian Army War Propaganda Directorate at the start of the Second World War. He retired from the Army as a Major in 1965 and was appointed the first Director Public Relations of Capital Development Authority.




Begum Para

Begum Para was born on December 25, 1926 as Zubeda Ul Haq in Jhelum Punjab. She was an Indian Hindi film actress who was active mostly in the 1940s and 1950s. In her times, she was considered a glamour girl of Bollywood.






Gulzar born in a Sikh family as Sampooran Singh Kalra in Dina, Jhelum District Punjab is an Indian poet, lyricist, author, screenwriter, and film director known for his works in Hindi cinema.  He started his career with music director S.D. Burman as a lyricist in the 1963. Gulzar also writes poetry, dialogues and scripts.