Livestock & Dairy Development


  • Major Player in the National Economy and Engine for Poverty Alleviation
  • According to Economic Survey of Pakistan 2017-18, agriculture contributes about 24% to National GDP
  • Share of Livestock 56.8% to Agriculture
  • Share of Livestock 11.6% to National GDP
  • Livestock is an integral part (30-40%) of livelihood of about 30 to 35 million rural farmers
  • Livestock recorded a growth of 3.76% compared to 2.99% period last year

Mission Statement

To improve service delivery under this sector, the Government will seek to do the following:

  • Increasing per animal productivity, via a number of measures including genetic improvement, cross breeding and compliance to international standards
  • Increasing the coverage and results of extension services
  • Improving animal husbandry
  • Improving regulation in livestock sector and the functioning of livestock markets
  • Focus on transformation of livestock business from subsistence to commercial ventures
  • Developing and implementing a Livestock Export Strategy
  • Providing nutritious food and improving the quality of semen
  • Bringing livestock farmers into formal sector through collective services
  • Adoption of modern techniques such as e-monitoring while encouraging farmers to use modern technology
  • Adoption of revolving fund measures to decrease reliance on the ‘gawala’ system

Livestock Population (2017-2018)

Cow 146817
Buffalo 95056
Sheep 23172
Goat 154492
Camel 509
Equine 13047
Poultry 751478