District Health Authority

District Health Authority

Dr. Muhammad Waseem
(Cheif Executive Officer - Health, Jhelum)

Phone Number: 0300-54210111
Office Phone Number: 0544-9270266
Email: edohealth.jhelum@punjab.gov.pk
Address: Office of the CEO DHA, Jhelum

Vision of District Health Authority

The road map directed by the authority is:

  • To improve the existing infrastructure of health
  • Filling of the vacant posts of medics, paramedics and support staff (walk in interview)
  • Timely procurement and distribution of medicines and logistics
  • Capacity building of health staff
  • Supportive supervision of health centers and out reach staff
  • Timely execution of ADP scheme

Health Infrastructure


Medical Staff Human Resources

Para-medical Staff Human Resources

Routine EPI

Human Resources involved in NIDs / SNIDs


Dengue Cases (Jan - Dec 2016)

All preventive measures have been implemented as per defined SOPs.

IRMNCH Program

DQCB Activities

Sanitation Activities

Anti Adulteration

Nutrition Program

Details of CMAM sites are as follows:

Planned OTP 14
Functional OTP 14
Planned SC 01
Functional SC 01

Status of CMAM sites is as follows:

Tehsil No. of CMAM Sites Functional
Jhelum 04 04
Dina 03 03
Sohawa 03 03
PD Khan 04 04

Polio Campaigns NID / SNIDs - January, May, April & September 2017

No polio positive cases have been reported in jhelum w.e.f 1997 till date.