Plan for establishment of parking in city Jhelum

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Traffic congestion and blockade at Shandaar Chowk has become regular feature.Commuters have to wait for several minutes to cross Shandaar Chowk.Today, Deputy Commissioner Jhelum visited Shandaar Chowk alongwith officers of Municipal Committee, Traffic Police, Secretary DRTA and Assistant Commissioner Jhelum and has decided to establish dedicated parking Lots for vehicles and Rickshaws to stop their unchecked movement and entry in main bazars and Shop Areas. One Parking Area will be developed from Shandaar Chowk to end corner of Akram Shaheed Park and other Parking area will be established near old Tehsil Office. Movement of Rickshaws will be regulated which will operate from their designated parking areas. Slip Road from Shandaar Chowk for old GT Road will be made to ease rush on main civil lines road. Meeting with all stakeholders will be conducted on Thursday. We will make movement of the residents of Jhelum city easy and comfortable.