Unique program for class 9th and 10th students for final exams

Monday, January 7, 2019

Deputy Commissioner Jhelum has started unique program of preparing students of class 9th and 10th for final exams.He has issued detailed roadmap for HeadMasters, HeadMistresses and Principals of High and Higher Secondary Schools of the District. Heads with the support of Class teachers will prepare data of each student enumerating strong and weak points of the students. Stong points and subjects will be further polished whereas weak areas of the students will be addressed through extra classes and mock exams. Retired teachers will be requested to give lecturers to students.Head Teachers and Incharge will maintain record of weekly assessments which will be open to inspections by DEOs, CEO and ACs who will visit schools on daily basis. No leaves of teachers of class 9th and 10th will be entertained till final exams. Good performers will be given commendation certificates whereas poor performers will be taken to task.

Today, Deputy Commissioners shared his plan with Principals and HeadMasters of 55 High and Higher Secondary Schools of Tehsil Jhelum.Tomorrow, sessions with Principals of Tehsil Dina and Sohawa have been arranged. Deputy Commissioner will visit Principals and HeadMasters of PD Khan on Wednesday. After meetings, all teachers and Headmasters will work zealously in materializing this target.